iPhone Repair

The dangers of self-repairing your phone

Breaking your phone is an incredibly frustrating thing. In today’s day and age, a phone is a vessel of personal information and communication, as well as even a necessity for some business purposes. Point is, it makes life a lot easier when you have a smartphone, since everyone and their dog has one nowadays. Because of this, it may be very tempting to just try and fix your phone yourself, in the event that something breaks. However, unless you have a great wealth of knowledge in smartphone repair and functionality, this may not be the wisest idea. Here’s some reasons why…

May void your warranty

Tinkering with the repair of your smartphone can undo your warranty, if you’re not careful. If you take your phone into an official store and they discover that there is work on the device that is unofficial (not carried out by them), they may not have to honor your warranty. If this happens, it means that it may have cost you more in the long run to try and fix your phone, yourself. Besides, the warranty is there so that you don’t have to worry about fixing the phone (although some people still try, trust us).

iphone teardown

Might make problems worse

There is a lot of specific engineering that goes into the making of an iPhone or Android. There are many precise calculations that enable a smartphone to function properly. If you take it upon yourself to try and fix one, you could do something wrong and make something that might have been a simple fix suddenly become a lot more complex. It’s common that someone trying to solve a functionality issue completely destroys the component that they are trying to fix. In the phone repair business, we see this type of situations happen a lot. However, experts have the proper knowledge to specifically target a problem and not tinker with things that could be damaging.

Special tools may be necessary

In order to create iPhones and Androids, smartphone manufacturers have developed many different tools in order to address very specific needs. For this reason, there are special, unique tools that are required to remove things like phone screens. Almost all phone makers have designed their own equipment to handle their own needs. This means that trying to substitute these tools when you don’t have them (or understand them) is very dangerous for your phone. Taking your smartphone into an expert guarantees that your phone will be operated on with the proper tools./